Essential Oils

I have been into essential oils for a few years now.
I love peppermint and lavender essential oils.

There are a few ways to use essential oils. I happen to use them mostly by diffusing. I put a few drops into the diffuser with water. And inhale the lovely wonders of essential oils.

People use essential oils for different reasons. I happen to use them because they help with my migraines. They help relax me. They have helped clear a stuffy nose. There are many benefits of essential oils.

I use a blend with coconut oil to rub on my temples and back of neck when I have a migraine. This is how I was first introduced to essential oils. I won’t mention the company I had purchased this blend from. But I have used it for years. After I researched more into essential oils I decided to branch out.

I recently received some Youth Living essential oils. I am loving branching out into Youth Living products.

Do you use essential oils? What blends to you like the most?

I am about to make some rollers for myself.

Sea World 

Sea World Trip 2017

Aerial view of Sea World San Diego.

Our second trip to Sea World thanks to Waves of Honor. 

Last year we went during Christmas time. So the decorations were out. We didn’t mean for so much time to pass but yet it did so Christmas time again.

We went and saw the dolphin show and sea lion show. We didn’t go see the orca show though. 

We had a blast. Can’t wait for next year. 

The Wonders of Egg Whites

I’ve received some makeup products that are based out of egg whites.

I collected them and wondered about them. I researched and finally thought “okay I’ll try them”.

Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam
By SkinFood

Egg Mellow Cream
By Too Cool for School

Egg Cream Mask
By Too Cool for School

Once I received the items from Too Cool for School I decided to try all 3 together. Well not at the same time lol.

I started using the face wash and fell in love with it. It left my skin super smooth. Adding in the two other products just left my skin amazing.

Have you thought about using egg white based products?

I’m looking into more Skin Food products.

Updating the Blog

I’ve been semi busy but I finally had time to update the blog.


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I do have some blog posts coming up scheduled after the new year to talk about PTSD.

We have had a friend visiting for the past few months. And that has kept us busy. Along with other life things. But I can’t wait to get back on track!

I need the car

Car sharing. The joys of car sharing. 

First it was my husband’s water pump. Then oh while I’m at it let me redo this and that.
He did need the new fans. He had maybe 2 of the 4 working properly. 

He gets his car working and bam… something is wrong with the clutch. Facepalm

So of course we both have doctors appointments on the same day. Half a day at school. So it’s dropping him off, waiting, going to doctors. Run to get daughter. Run to my appointment. Run to pick him up. 

It’s run run run day 

Week Off & Car

So lately we’ve had some car issues. 

As in the husband wanted to upgrade some stuff on his car. 

Turned out he had a bad water pump. He wanted to replace a few things. But sadly he wasn’t able to. 

It was lovely driving my husband to work. Turning around to grab my daughter and run her to school. Not to mention timing picking him up so I could pick her up and not have her wait. 

Blessed be the week off school. 

So when my husband needed my car again I didn’t have to drive him to work. Nope buddy go by yourself. 

The clutch on his car is acting up. One day he’ll get his struts on lol (originally what he wanted to do to his car). 

Well one day. 

Curly hair and a Complex

I received the Sleep Styler as a gift from a friend. If you haven’t heard of it it was on Shark Tank. But you use semi wet hair and curlers and sleep in it.

Now my hair doesn’t do well in curlers that you sleep in. But I saw several reviews on YouTube and I really wanted to try it.

First off they were easy to use. But sleeping with them on took a while to get used to. 

Woke up and took them off. 

Curls!!!! Super easy curls not involving heat. Honestly my go to hair style and no curling iron yay!!

A friend of my husband stayed over. I shoved my hair in his face and said “see hair!!!” 

“Your hair smells good.”

“Umm… I’m a girl.”

Wait! What did my hair not smell good the other day. Does my hair not smell good every day. The complex began. 

My husband laughed and said he didn’t realize it was that easy to quiet me. Just complement me. Hey I liked it when he just threw chocolate at me.


“You’ve lost weight.”

Is a common phrase I’ve heard lately. I went on a nontraditional diet. 

I’m not into diet fads. Because to me the human body is different for everyone so one fad might not work for someone else.

What I did was cut my meat down to 3oz. So for instance my husband and I split a steak. 

I stopped snacking. When I felt hungry I just grabbed 3 blueberries or 3 carrots and ate them. I would eat them slowly. 

I’m not a breakfast person. In the morning I only have coffee. I cut down my sugar in my coffee. 

For lunch I eat light. Maybe a salad. Or even a smoothie with all the nutrients that I need by adding stuff like flax seeds, etc. 

I had to stop running due to my knees. I changed from going to the gym to exercising at home. I had to change some exercises I’ve already posted. 

I dropped from a size 12 to a size 6. 

This worked for me but it might not work for you. 

But honest cut out snacking with fruit and not junk. It will help. 


I love to read.

I have Kindle Unlimited and I try to read around 5 books a day. Most are around 300 pages. But some are longer. Thus why I’m able to read so much. 

I’ve been debating about getting a library card so I can read bigger books. There are some I want to read but don’t want to buy. Since I pay each month for Kindle Unlimited. 

If you have book suggestions let me know.