Curly hair and a Complex

I received the Sleep Styler as a gift from a friend. If you haven’t heard of it it was on Shark Tank. But you use semi wet hair and curlers and sleep in it.

Now my hair doesn’t do well in curlers that you sleep in. But I saw several reviews on YouTube and I really wanted to try it.

First off they were easy to use. But sleeping with them on took a while to get used to. 

Woke up and took them off. 

Curls!!!! Super easy curls not involving heat. Honestly my go to hair style and no curling iron yay!!

A friend of my husband stayed over. I shoved my hair in his face and said “see hair!!!” 

“Your hair smells good.”

“Umm… I’m a girl.”

Wait! What did my hair not smell good the other day. Does my hair not smell good every day. The complex began. 

My husband laughed and said he didn’t realize it was that easy to quiet me. Just complement me. Hey I liked it when he just threw chocolate at me.

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