Essential Oils

I have been into essential oils for a few years now.
I love peppermint and lavender essential oils.

There are a few ways to use essential oils. I happen to use them mostly by diffusing. I put a few drops into the diffuser with water. And inhale the lovely wonders of essential oils.

People use essential oils for different reasons. I happen to use them because they help with my migraines. They help relax me. They have helped clear a stuffy nose. There are many benefits of essential oils.

I use a blend with coconut oil to rub on my temples and back of neck when I have a migraine. This is how I was first introduced to essential oils. I won’t mention the company I had purchased this blend from. But I have used it for years. After I researched more into essential oils I decided to branch out.

I recently received some Youth Living essential oils. I am loving branching out into Youth Living products.

Do you use essential oils? What blends to you like the most?

I am about to make some rollers for myself.

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