5 Hours

My flight out of Chicago was delayed. I guess that should have been my first clue that traveling that day wouldn’t be good.

This time I flew Frontier. Now if you don’t know Frontier and Spirit are both bare airlines. So the flights are cheaper. My first time flying either.

So because the flight out of Chicago was delayed. My connecting flight was delayed. Because I didn’t need to switch planes. Flew into Colorado Springs.

Now we were told by the pilot that if we were going on to San Diego we couldn’t get off the plane.

As the plane was nearly full the pilot came over and said something about a lightening strike. So we’d be delayed. Okay no big deal.

Then it came back they found a dent. And until someone could come look at the dent we couldn’t leave. The pilot said we could get off the plane but to take everything we brought on the plane with us.

To me that meant that they could leave without you. So I wasn’t taking a chance. I didn’t want to be stuck in Colorado Springs.

2 hours go by.

3 hours go by.

Oh someone needs to come measure the dent. Then it has to be determined if the plane is air worthy something you don’t want to hear.

4 hours go by.

Oh the dent was measured. And we are good to go. But they have to go get it signed off. Jump through a few more hoops. Before we could leave.

5th hour…

I can honestly say feeling the airplane pull back from the gate never felt so good. Were told it was a 2.5 hour flight. Decided to nap a bit the old school way (pull down the tray, fold arms over, lay head on arms, close eyes). Oh I forgot my flight pillow and refuse to buy another one. Hey one is enough.

Pull in and by the time I’m off the plane it’s 8:30pm. I decided to not have my husband come get me because my daughter was flying in at 11pm.

So I went to the USO. Grabbed a sandwich and drink. Then plopped down on a couch for a few hours. Thanks USO you’re amazing!

Dragged myself to where my daughter’s baggage claim was. Waited and finally was able to go home.

Side note I doubt I’ll fly for a while.

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