Train Accident

Never in a million years would I think this would happen.

If you saw my previous post I’m on vacation. I’m outside of Chicago. Well I decided to take the train into Chicago and spend the day there.

I’ve taken this train several times. Something I did often when I was in college.

We weren’t to our first stop when the train stopped. And I just thought ‘we hit someone’.

They came over the speaker and said there was a situation and they suspected. Then they stopped talking. We were told a bit later it would be a wait. Someone in our car went to investigate. He came back. The train had hit someone. They were still alive. The person was helicoptered to a hospital.

The train went to the next station. Just before the station we were asked to switch trains. So we climbed down into the gravel. Walked over a track. And went onto a 5 car train. We went to the next station. Anyone who wanted off got off. The rest of us headed to Chicago.

After nearly 2 hour delay we finally made it into Chicago. Ran to get some hot chocolate. Because let’s be honest it’s yummy.

Got some pizza. Went to Dylan’s Candy Bar. Got some candy for my husband.

Took the last train back arriving super late. Ahh what a trip.

I tried to find information about the person that was hit. It was a minor child, yet almost an adult. They walked in front of the train. From the person who went they were in a bikini. So I would imagine they were at the lake and were hoping the track to get between the houses and the lake.

Update June 26, 2018: According to news outlets the teen did not make it. No updates of what happened are available.

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