The return of the wallet

I’m kinda picky about wallets. So when I went to a Fossil outlet and found this mint green wallet I fell in love. I had it for a long time.

Then while my husband was stationed in Nevada a friend from his command took me to Reno. I was having a hard time in the area due to my PTSD. To be blunt I only remember pieces of the trip. The friend kept giving me drinks. Even my warning of I’m a light weight didn’t set in.

We went and watched a movie. Hello margarita. Went and had some oysters. And then dinner. Umm some pieces are missing cause I still don’t know how I got the Frozen ball.

But sadly on the way home. I puked. Into this Map Tote bag. And ruined my wallet.

I searched high and low for it. I didn’t even care if it was in a different color. It just seemed Fossil abandoned it’s pattern of this wallet.

Introduced to Poshmark by It’s Just Kelli I decided to search there.

And bam. Found the wallet. I was so happy.

I actually like Poshmark. I like to barter for things and Poshmark is the perfect place to do that. I got into bartering visiting foreign countries. I learned about it in South Korea. As I went to buy something. My mom stopped me because the clerk wanted to barter. I didn’t speak Korean so my mother barter for me. And bam I was hooked.

You find something for $10. Barter and you can get it for $8 or lower.

I did it on several trips to Mexico. I wish the USA had more bartering.

I showed the wallet to my husband and he pulled back. Last he knew I had thrown up on said wallet and you can’t get that out of leather I tried. But I told him how I got the wallet.

I picked up a few more things but I’ll write about that later.

But hello wallet I love you’re return.

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