Spray into hair wet or dry and tousle.

Instructions for leave in hair conditioner made me question how much is tousle.

I found out the right amount when I sprayed some in my hair. Then had to go pick up my husband. I don’t have A.C. currently in my car cause I need a line replaced. So windows down driving for me.

I arrive to pick him up. I tell him the leave in conditioner said to tousle my hair. He said it looks tousled. I laughed so hard cause he was right. Then he said your blonde is showing. 

I had dyed my hair purple and cyan. To do so I had to dye my hair blonde. Well I dyed it back to original color but surprise blonde wanted to stay. 

I have tried to hide it twice and now I give up. It just wants to stay until it grows out. No matter what it peaks through after a few months. 

I kinda laughed when I got this leave in spray. It’s a ocean beachy spray. But it was for free in Birchbox so I figured I’d try it. I’m not big on salt water hair sprays because we have lived near and ocean. So why bother when I can get the real thing. 

Can it cool down so I can go back to curling my hair. The heat sucks my curls out. 

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