And It Begins

And it begins! School started!!

I’ve been joking over the past week that I need “five more minutes”. Waking up early to get your child to school after having the summer off can be rough. So I decided to take the “mom I need five more minute” and turn it into “Mom needs five more minutes!”

So I tweeted:
     “Mom wake up”
     “5 more minutes” #schoolproblems

Then I tweeted about helping my child with math homework. Joys of math homework, thank you Google for help lol.

I talk my child to and from school. On the way home I ask how school was. And get the typical child answer. “It was fine.”

I’ve been enjoying packing school lunches. Pinterest some stuff. Trying to give options to school lunches.

Parent/Teacher night went well. Met teachers. Walked around the school. Wrote down more school supply stuff I need to get. Choir requires black shoes, shopping!!!

Back to School fun!

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