News, Make American Great Again

I had decided to take a break from news.
I was tired of all the political talk. 

I normally check the CNN website every day and I have a local news station send me email alerts. When I decided to take the break I stopped checking CNN and local news. I skipped over shared news feeds in my Facebook. I just wanted a break.

And then Charlottesville, Virginia happened. 

I am an Asian American Jewish woman. 
I grew up being made fun of the fact that I wasn’t 100% white. I was told often to “go back where you came from” even though I was born in the town south of where I grew up. And I had lived in the town longer than the person telling me to go back where I came from. 
I began coverting to Judaism when I was 16. I grew up going to a Sourthern Baptist Church. I followed my heart and converted to a religion I love and respect. 

And then to hear Trumps remarks about what happened. 

“I reject the support of white supremacist. The country that defeated Hilter’s armies is no place for Nazi flags. The party of Lincoln won’t stand with those who carry the battle flag of the failed Confederacy.” ~Schwarzenegger 

So tell me how is this making American great again?

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