It could have been me

When I think about what happened in Orlando one thing comes to mind. It could have happened to me.

In college one of my very good friends was gay, is gay.

I would go to bars with him, Gregs or Metro. Other gay friendly places in Indianapolis.

I had other gay friends. I had Drag Queens as friends. I had lesbians as friends.

I’m a straight female. But I hung out with my friends at gay night clubs.

So what happened in Orlando could have happened to me.

In college I would go out over the weekend and hang out with friends. We actually had  a thing. Go drink too much at Grey’s then go to eat breakfast at this gay friendly bar that served breakfast. Then I would get escorted home and fall into bed.

Sometimes we’d meet at Ivy’s a gay friendly restaurant and have lunch or dinner.

In college on a weekend I didn’t have my kids you could find me in a gay bar. I had tons of gay acquaintances. And was “adopted” by a gay couple I would call dad.

This could have happened to me.

Because I’ve been around two men kissing and at any point in time someone could have found offense and shot everyone.

When I think of what happened in Orlando I am sad at the loss. But I want to remember that it could have happened to me. I hold it tighter to my chest.

I’m a supporter of the LGBT community.

Please don’t let this happen again.

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