I Stand With Her

To the Stanford Survivor I stand with you.

When I first heard what happened at Stanford, mainly hearing from friends speaking out against what the father said, it was just 20 minutes.

Just 20 minutes?!?

Whether it was five seconds, three minutes, 20 minutes, an hour ANY amount of time ISN’T RIGHT!!! Sexual assault is sexual assault and it isn’t right. And all I could think was what if it happened to that father’s son, what would he say then?

I am a survivor of sexual assault. I can honestly say those 20 minutes will stick with her. I couldn’t tell you  how long as each person heals differently. But for me I have PTSD from my attack and it’s something I’ve lived with for over 2 years.


I don’t care if he was a good student at Standford. He decided to take advantage of someone who was unconscious. People saw him and stopped him. Actually chased him down and held him down until the police came. So obviously he knew it was wrong. At no where do I care where you went to school or how high your grades were you OBVIOUSLY didn’t learn one thing. You don’t sexually assault any one.


She didn’t ask for this. I don’t care if she went out drinking and drank too much. At no point in time did she ask for it. I’ve gone out in college and drank too much. I’ve had friends walk me home. Sometimes you just want to have fun and you don’t realize you’ve gone to far until you do pass out. Just because she drank too much and passed out doesn’t mean she was in the wrong.


She deserves the same amount of respect as Brock Turner. He’s been quoted as being a good student. And we don’t know the victim’s name due to privacy. BUT SHE DESERVES THE SAME AMOUNT OF RESPECT AS HE HAS BEEN GIVEN.



I truly hope that his father was hurt by the statement. That his family member and people in his career told him what he said was wrong. I hope there was backlash and I hope he learned his lesson.


At the end of the day I will stand with her. Because I’ve been there and I know. It’s not the victim’s fault, it never is.

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