I’ve had sinus issues over the years. But I finally was able to see an ENT and I’m super glad.

Diagnosed with a deviated septum I opted for septoplasty. To fix my nose of 2 issues. I needed my septum fixed and a turbine reduction.

The weekend before I went to the Lake Tahoe area and hiked. Had so much trouble breathing. I used my inhaler and ended my hike earlier than the group.

I go in for surgery and I’m scared. Just too much for me. Well the nurse was awesome.

She asked me how I felt about lidocaine. Yuppers she injected lidocaine before searching for a vein for the IV 💯

I had a longer wait than thought. My anxiety was climbing. Finally it’s time. They gave me versed before going back to the OR.

I do have to say I love that drug. Looking back I don’t remember much. And I don’t remember the anxiety I had.

I was worried about being triggered. I have a hard time with IVs, shots, blood draws, etc. So I was worried I’d go off.

I was lucky that my husband stayed by me until I was wheeled back. Yay for emotional support. I’m glad he could make me laugh and smile before hand taking my mind off what was going on.

I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made. Even though I had splints I could breath so much better.

I’m glad blood doesn’t make me grossed out. Cause I had a bloody nose for the next day or so. It weaned off.

If you have sinus problems see an ENT. If you have something wrong with your septum get it fixed. It’s worth it.

I didn’t notice my nose was slightly crooked. But now it’s fine.

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