That time I took out the radiator


Our lovely 2008 VW GTI. I found out in San Francisco that there was a radiator leak. My husband ordered a new one. Well he didn’t have time to fix it and this car is my daily drive right now.

So… I took out the radiator.


Now you have to take off the front bumper and a few other things to get to the radiator. You then have to unscrew the AC and fan from the radiator. I pulled it to the side to replace it.

Horrifying my husband when he came home for lunch and saw his car like this.

I began putting the car back together. Only I had a tiny issue… I wasn’t strong enough to do 2 things. Wait for my husband to come home and he was strong enough. It was getting dark so I put half the bumper back on.

The next day I tackled the rest.


But I left the flushing to my husband. But yes I did this basically on my own.

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