VW Cabriolet


My dream car is my VW Cabriolet. I was lucky to find one before we left Washington. I’d like to say Washington is the capital of Volkswagen in the USA.

I’ve had to replace a few things. Of course I would.


This was the first part I replaced on my own. When my husband was driving my car in Sparks it fell off. It’s fallen off before but this time it was gone.


No one told me how dirty it would be to replace that part… now that part let’s me shift the car. If I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be able to find first, second, etc. I could sorta find forth lol.

It took some effort but I was able to, okay I used a wrench for extra force, to get it on.

I went to Sparks and as I was heading back my car stalled on the interstate. I got it started but it stalled again. Sorry person I cut off to get over. But I was in the middle lane and ugh… I finally stop and well… $300 tow.

The next day my husband said check the fuel pump.


The one under the back seat.



Make sure you disable the battery!!

Then just wonder how to get this thing off…

Google! Yes Google. Google is my best friend.


Get angry. Cause this thing was stuck. Took a screwdriver and hammer to get it to twist. Then you lift it up.


Be careful! When I pulled it out the screen fell off. I had to fish it out. Kitchen tongs came in handy for this.


Then just look at the 1987 part. German… Stare at it with hatred. Then figure out how to get another one…

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