Til it Happens to You

This song is by Lady Gaga and it’s called Til It Happens To You.

I learned about this song after the 88th Annual Academy Awards. When she performed this song and had people who have survived a sexual assault walk on stage. They had words written on their wrists.

But did you know that each person and Lady Gaga got a tattoo? A matching tattoo.

671897_orig.jpgThe wonderful Jacqueline Lin designed this tattoo and she was one of the 50 survivors on the stage that night. If you visit her site you will see the reason behind the tattoo.

After having my Naval doctor denying me to get a scar by the person who assaulted me removed. I decided to get this tattoo to cover it up. I actually thought it would bleed. But HE was by my side and I didn’t bleed. The tattoo artist was surprised I didn’t bleed.

At the same time I got a semicolon tattoo.

A semicolon tattoo. After being assaulted I was diagnosed with PTSD. Struggling with anxiety and depression. Well I’m THE author of my own life.

Suicide due to depression is a HUGE deal.

If you need someone to talk to I’m here.

I got these 2 tattoos on a visible place because I won’t hide what happened to me and what I’m going through. Because I’M NOT ALONE.

I’m not alone. There are others out there.

You’re not alone.

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