Bless Your Heart

I have come to hate living in Fallon. It’s actually made my PTSD worse.

I developed agoraphobia. I do not like leaving our home. I actually have to take a Valium before I go to base (trigger). And I’m perfectly happy staying at home.

I developed clinomania. I barely get out of bed. I prefer to just stay in bed. The bed is my comfort zone.

I have allergies so going outside hurts. You’ll think I’m crying but it’s ragweed. I wipe the tears down my cheek but try to leave my eyes alone.

And sometimes I want to shout curse words at people. So I started saying bless your heart.

When I say “bless your heart” be sure not to take it word for word. But I’m using that to vent my frustration and curse words in a more pleasant manner.

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