Hillary Clinton has my vote

Thursday nights I watch Grey’s, Scandal, and HTGAWM. Also known as Shonda night.

When my shows started it was the first time I watched a local channel since the Presidential elections started. And the first commercial I saw was Hillary Clinton.

And if by that commercial alone. I’d vote for her.

Then I saw the one with the little girl saying she was afraid because her parents got a deportation letter. And Hillary Clinton said to let her worry for the child. That commercial got Hillary Clinton a lot of votes.

Her commercials of all the things she has done. Power to the women!!

Then I see a Trump commercial. Basically get rid of illegal immigrants.
Then I see a Bernie commercial. Basically I love America.

And then I see 3 Hillary commercials and I’m all I’m voting for her!!!

But then I remember Beghazi. And the fact that I don’t register to vote.

I don’t vote because I don’t believe in the electoral college voting. Your vote doesn’t count when it comes to the President. The people you voted for who cast their electoral college vote votes for them.

I only voted twice in my life. Then learned about the electoral college voting system and stopped voting. I won’t vote until my vote counts for the Presidential election.

But seriously Hillary is spot on with her commercials. Just don’t forget about Beghazi.

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