Technology Withdrawl

Last week my phone decided to die.

I was playing a game on my Samsung S5 Active and the screen when black. When I mean black I mean BLANK.

So I thought maybe my battery was dead. I am infamous for not charging my phone and tablet. So I put it on the charger. The light didn’t come on.

Okay here comes Google. I Googled what to do if my phone wouldn’t turn on. So power, home, and up volume buttons pressed together. Didn’t work. Power, home, and down volume¬†pressed together didn’t work. So I ordered a new battery. Because OF COURSE my phone was 5 months past the warranty. And I had to wait for the battery to ship.

For Valentines Day my husband and I went out to eat. And as I was sitting there looking around I saw a lot of people with their phone out. They were texting, playing a game, or doing something, but they weren’t looking up. They weren’t looking around at what was around them. Their phone was more important than life.

I admit that I use my phone a lot. I have a saying that my friends live in my phone. My best friend lives in Indiana. My oldest sister lives in Georgia, the other sister lives in Indiana. Getting in touch with my kids. And I can admit that I have had phone withdrawal.

But without having my phone seeing how people are so attached. I have been glad I haven’t had my phone around.

I could have a conversation with my husband without looking at my phone. I wasn’t constantly bombarded by emails. I had to go to my computer to look at them.

I am looking forward to getting my new phone. A Samsung S6 Active. If you wonder why an Active phone you should see how much I drop my phone.

But please remember every now and again to put down your phone.



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