Faerie Jacket

For a few years now I have been wanting a Faerie jacket.
I first saw them on Etsy but the price tag of $400 made me cringe.

I thought I’d just save up some sweaters and upcycle my own Faerie jacket.

Then I found a pattern on Raverly about knitting your own Faerie jacket. I purchased the pattern and ordered some yarn. I’m not stating which pattern I got because I was unsatisfied with the pattern I had to make a lot of adjustments.


I think it took me 3 months to make this. I ordered yarn, then would run out. I ordered yarn from Dizzy Sheep. They are located in New York so I had to wait a bit before it reached me. I used Plymouth DK Merino Superwash Yarn. I happened to have first purchased this yarn in California and fell in love with the texture and softness of the yarn.


I loved picking out the color of yarn to make my own unique Faerie jacket. The color of yarn that I used are: true navy, cornflower, forsythia, cantaloupe, turquoise, peapod, dark grey, straw, sand, lavender, coral, and berry.

The skirt is made up of different knitting stitches. The dark grey is garter stitch, the turquois is a cable knit, the peapod is bamboo reed, and the rest are just stockinette. I then crochet some hearts in berry and put them on the sand wedges.

For the edging of the bottom of the skirt I used straw, berry, cornflower, and true navy.
For the sleeves I used true navy, coral, peapod, lavender, cantaloupe, straw, turquoise, dark grey, and cornflower.
For the hood I used cornflower, true navy, coral, peapod, lavender, cantaloupe, straw, turquoise, and dark grey. I then added a pompom in lavender.

I crochet the belt with berry, coral, and peapod. I did some double crochet work at the ends to get them to curl.


I added some pockets in the cantaloupe wedges. One is deeper than the other to slide my phone inside. And I used a 19″ lemon zipper.


I am super in love with this jacket. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. But in all honesty I am glad this jacket speaks ME.

This is my creation and my design. The unique Faerie jacket to fit me.

3 thoughts on “Faerie Jacket

  1. I just found your blog and wanted to say…. I love, love, LOVE this!! You did an absolutely amazing job! I, too, did the double-take at the $400+ to buy one. I don’t knit but I do crochet but this is a daunting task… so need to find myself a pattern and just do it.


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