Walmart Christmas Only

Having your husband being assigned to an isolated duty station you worry about many things. But coming and finding at least a Walmart within 15 minutes of your house is nice.

Until you need something.

Hannukah is around the corner and I need Menorah candles. So I went to Walmart. I walked down aisle after aisle. I then found an associate, someone who works there.

I asked her if there was a Hanukkah section. She said sorry Walmart only carries Christmas items. Then she asked what is Hanukkah.

I said that I am Jewish and we celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas. I explained what a menorah was and that I needed candles to put in the menorah.

She apologized for not knowing. Said she thought she knew a spot. And took me to incense.

That felt like a slap in my face.

There were only a handful of places I could guess in Fallon that would have menorah candles. And I would have thought Walmart would have them. Just a note last year I got them at Target.

Target isn’t in Fallon. Isn’t even in Fernley. I’d have to drive an hour to either Reno or Carson City to get Menorah candles.

I tweeted Walmart and they said to ask my local Walmart to carry Menorahs. I don’t need a menorah. I need the candles to celebrate the holiday.

I felt Walmart shoving Christianity down my throat.

Why do I say that? Several people outside wishing Merry Christmas asking for donations. And Christmas things for sale. But any other religion is left out.

I am disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Walmart Christmas Only

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