Sand and Sun

I was super happy, counting down the days happy, that I would be leaving to visit my husband.

That the visit was around our anniversary.

Being the loving wife I am I packed my car with car parts. Sigh yes the husband needed them.


Excited as I saw the first sign for San Diego. As my car was having issues I couldn’t go faster than 50 mph.

And then I got to see my husband. So happy.  On our anniversary we went to La Jolla.


I’m a beach girl. I love the beach. I love my toes in the sand.


Love walking along the beach. It was a comfortable day.


Went out to cool places to eat.

I was super happy to be in San Diego… and then.


I came home to snow…


My pups were excited for me to pick them up.


And I went back to knitting wishing I was at the beach (double knitted hat for Nick).


I did have an amazing view from the hotel (yes kidding it’s the gas station on base haha).

Had so much fun. Surfers, food, my husband!!!  Yes my husband. To hold him again and to sleep with him again. And how he’d cover me before he left for work. Ahh the little things.

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