If I Were A Boy, would this have been easier?

This song by Beyonce popped in my head while I was doing this.

A piece of my car broke and my husband ordered the part. Problem was he was leaving for C School and wouldn’t be here to fix it. He told me how to put the part on and told me it would be easy my husband lies.


This is the piece of my car that broke. I couldn’t even tell you what it’s called. But without it I can’t shift, so I can’t drive the car. Well… I could but you know what I mean.

My husband pointed out the two places I clip this part to. He told me it was easy. You just clip it on then you’re done.

Okay so maybe he told me to take a few things off. But my hands are tiny so I just slipped them in. But was the part easy to clip on, no… it’s why I said my husband lies. I actually texted him this photo and told him I hated him. His response was grease was good for my skin… men.

The left side was pretty easy to clip on. But that right side wanted to fight with me. I actually took the part out of the car and threw it on the ground. Cause yeah that made me feel better.

I went and got a large adjustable wrench. I clipped on the left side and then used the wrench to press down the right side so it would clip. And I just kept thinking the whole time… If I was a boy would I be having this much issue. Actually was it just my messed up shoulder making it not easy to clip this piece on.

Luckily I got the leverage I needed and clipped it on. Drove the car around and first gear is iffy, but I’ll let my husband fix that.

But you know what? I’m not a boy. I’m glad I’m not a boy. And I got this part on NOT being a boy. I’m a girl. A girl put this part on. A girl that barely knows anything about cars and HATES getting grease on her. A girl with phobias who blindly put her hand into her car so she could drive it.

I love my car. I don’t like how messy it sometimes makes me. But I love my car. And I love being a girl.

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