Our PCS Journey

We PCS’D from Norfolk to Everett knowing that within the year there my husband would get new orders. 

That proud, stiff out his chest, going from sea to shore duty.

The orders came. Hovering in the land of soft orders. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Then finally. Official orders.

We did a DITY move or PPM. We packed up boxes, rented a truck mild debate about burning everything. Figured out where to store my car because we couldn’t drive 3 cars.

Our new duty station is Fallon, Nevada. We heard mixed reviews. I ended up finding a horse farm to rent. And we packed up and headed down.

We had x, y, z days to get down there then had to be back. My husband was detached from the ship but not truly. He detached to skip going underway because he signs out. But he had to go back to detach from the base. Confusing a bit but paperwork was ran a bit wrong.

We arrive and have his new command come out and help. It was awesome. Them bam we boarded the dogs Koda didn’t like the ride and went back for my car.




Through Oregon and California. Please tell me why at 5,000 ish feet construction jam that we had to stop. Saw some awesome signs in California don’t pee in the bush.

I loved having my car back. But I learned Cali sun is harsh and got burnt. Convertible.

Slowly settled into our home. The pups love the fenced acre. Lulu plops on the porch that has the most sun lol.

This PCS trip wasn’t that bad. But do sleep at 6,000 feet in your car just bring a sleeping bag I got cold. But I missed my doggies and wanted them back.

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