California Dreams

I’ve always wanted to visit California.

I was looking forward to enter California during our PCS. I counted down the miles.

Oregon frustrated me. I couldn’t figure it out at first. But after the 3rd time seeing Butte I figured it out. Reminds me of Montana, and our car broke down during our last PCS move in Montana.

We enter California and I get so excited. My excitement died…

Modoc National Forest, if I could never see another national forest it would be due to this national forest.

Driving, driving, driving. Realizing if something happens you have NO cell phone reception. Please update national forests. If something happens you can’t call for help.

I finally see the sign that says leaving Modoc. Get so excited. But then a few miles away you enter it again. I questioned how big was this forest.

Now I’d like to state I’ve been to Yellowstone. While visiting there as a blizzard. Yellowstone is HUGE. But with a blizzard you drive slower.

I started questioning why we went this way. It wasn’t just the no cell reception. But NO FOOD. I didn’t check the route before hand. But when hunger strikes, you’re starving. Then the little towns are closed, I mean abandoned. You’re wondering when the next service station is… and there wasn’t a sign last gas until… come on.

Why did I want to visit California? Then I realized I needed to be more specific.

I want to see the Hollywood sign, go to Disneyland, go to San Diego beaches, Coronado to see if it’s like the books you’ve read, and you didn’t mean rural California. You didn’t mean a national forest.

Sorry to rant.

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