Welcome Aboard

One of the first things I do in the morning besides a cup of coffee is to check my phone. My sisters are on Eastern Standard Time and sometimes I will get messages from them I have learned to turn my phone on silent cause 8am EST is 5am PSD. And I will check my email have you noticed that spam happens to come at like 1am.

Well one morning my eyebrow perked up when I opened my email and saw the subject line “Welcome Aboard ****” (for OPSEC and PERSEC will not list the command). I rubbed my eyes as I opened the message. I was expecting some sort of spam message but NO.

This email was welcoming my husband to his new command and telling him some basic command information, and sponsor name.

I pulled myself out of bed and walked downstairs. Pretty sure my hair was standing up, meh he married me and is used to me waking up with funky hair. I asked him “have you heard from your sponsor yet?”

He gives me this look. Because I had asked him a few days ago and he just laughed at me. Perhaps I should throw in, he goes to school first then checks into his command. I turn my phone around. He grabs it honestly can’t blame him I was most likely swaying without my dose of coffee yet. And he says “why did they send it to you?”

Good question

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