What the Military Doesn’t Teach You

“The Navy has taught me how to deal with ISIS, terrorists, and even each other. But they haven’t taught me how to deal with a 6 year old girl who just walks into your house with a cupcake, sits on your couch with said cupcake and eats it, ignores you questions.”

Let me rewind a little bit…
For the past few months I’ve had a little girl come to our backdoor. She will open our sliding door/screen and walk into our house.

I’ve asked her her name, if her parents know where she is, why does she come over. Questions after questions that are ignored. The girl will ask me questions, will ask me about our dogs, just won’t answer my questions.

If the door is locked she will knock. I’ve gone out there and have seen her father. As I went to tell her she couldn’t come in she ignored me and walked in. I gave her father the look, the do you know what your child is doing look aka WTF look.

I wish I could describe how awkward this all is. I don’t know her parents. Have never introduced myself to her parents. And I truly do hope they care for their child but I wonder who would let their child just wonder into someone’s house they don’t know.

I’ve told my husband about this. It got to a point to where I stopped opening the blinds out back and would keep the sliding door locked if she saw the blinds open she would knock until someone answered.

Then one day my husband was trimming the dogs nails and had the sliding door open. And the little girl walked in with a cupcake. She teased our dog with the cupcake, then sat down on the couch and ate her cupcake. I had taken a step back to let my husband deal with this payback for all the times he ignored me when I said this was happening. I suppose I should be honest, I ran away.

I heard my husband asking her questions and get ignored. And I had laundry to do… err yeah I ran away. I come back down stairs to my husband finally kicking her out. We were repeating this story to a friend when my husband said the above. That he was taught how to deal with ISIS, etc but not how to deal with some random child walking into your home, ignoring your questions, and who won’t leave until you force them out of your home.

I have tried to tell this child coming to a random person house isn’t safe. She doesn’t listen. And obviously ignores the ID channel I keep on hey I’m addicted to the ID channel.

Has this happen to you? I don’t mean your child dragging in some random child. But a random child coming into your home uninvited.

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