My sister and her husband traveled to Oregon to visit family. They rented a car to drive up and visit me and Seattle.


This was the first time my husband would meet one of my sisters. And you know how you warn your loving husband of your siblings… well…

We made our way through Pike Place Market and my husband asked if I was looking for my sister, Nifer. I said no I was looking for my brother-in-law Topher (thank the names to Starbucks). Topher is like 6’5″ tall he’s easy to spot. So when I look for my sister and her husband I look for Topher lol.

We finally find him and introductions are made.

My sister wants to see the Space Needle. So we made our way over. We get to the Space Needle and my huband (sticking with the Starbucks naming system) Atlas asks Topher if Nifer walks away from him in mid conversation…

What can I say… it’s a genetic thing. We don’t mean to. But have a habit of seeing something we like and walk away when our husband’s are talking. I’ve lost Atlas a lot due to this. It’s my super hero power.
I love my sister and super happy we got to spend time together.

We did some tourist things and what can I say it’s fun to be a tourist in a town you know.


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