Around the USA

One of the unique things about being in the military community is in the span of five minutes you can meet someone from each State in the USA.

My husband and I went out to eat with a group of friends.

We decided to sit in the bar area. And this restaurant requires ID if you sit in the bar area.

There were 4 of us and we each pulled out our ID. The waitress got to the first person and commented about not being from Washington.

Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan, and Virginia ID’S where on the table for the waitress to look at.

Here the four of us sat down to eat from 3 different states (yes I’m from Indiana but still hold a Virginia license) eating dinner at this local restaurant because the United States government brought us to the lovely state of Washington.

Now ask everyone in this group where we have lived and the answers will change. We’ve lived across the country and visited places.

I didn’t bother transferring my license when I arrived here. I knew we wouldn’t be at this duty station long. And honestly I chuckle when I end up showing my license and someone questions the location and I say “yeah the drive here was really long”.

A lot of people use the same option that I do and do not transfer over their IDs. So they have an ID from which ever state they went and got one.

Around the United States. Like the military just used a salt and pepper shaker and dispersed it’s service members.

Location doesn’t matter where you find friends.

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