Hard Orders

I’ve wished and I’ve dreamed and then one day my husband threw papers at me…

Honestly the paper should have been 24K gold…

4 rounds of picking orders. Yes you heard me right. Not the normal 3. Some how a mistake got us another round. And of course the last choice was given to us.

Overseas screening even though… okay honestly. I’ll say now.

We will be going to Fallon, Nevada

I’ve joked if I needed a passport due to the overseas screening. But it’s an isolated duty station.

After my husband threw, no joke, the orders I scrolled through. Passing ZEN looking for the DET. Pausing and saying “Lemoore, CA?” My husband flipped the page and my nightmare ended.

You know the nightmare. The you get soft orders but when the hard orders come it isn’t where the soft orders said. I’ve been saying since April we’d be going to Guam just to stay off this bad karma.

But finally hard orders. Which means we PCS soon!!

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