Seasons in Washington


Typically there are 4 different seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I shouldn’t have to explain those seasons.

I was well aware before moving to the West Coast that not everyone experiences each season. But what I wasn’t aware are that there are more than the 4 seasons listed above.

Wait, did I confuse you?

I live in the PNW in an area just above Seattle, near the Pudget Sound. We moved here well over a year ago in the Spring. As Spring gave way to Summer I soon realized I missed air conditioning. But I became aware of a different seasons, Fire season.

Fire season begins a few weeks after Summer starts. Burn bans come into effect. And when you watch the news you’ll see news reports of fires. Whether coming down from the Canadian forest or just over the mountains you’ll begin to see the smoke. A fire either caused by man or nature. You’ll come to know terms like 10% contained, evacuate, etc. And you’ll pray for those who were in the fire’s path.

As Summer begins to wind down you’ll see the start of Spider Season.

Let me just say this now. I am pretty sure ever horror movie ever filmed was done so in Washington.

One day being blessed that Summer had finally ended. Wanting to go out and feel the slight breeze on my face. I stepped outside and saw about a 4″ spider. This spider had taken up residence right outside the door in the top left of the patio roof. As one would think when you hear Spider Season you’re pretty much correct. About two weeks into Spider Season I had to stop screaming. Those guys would just pop up every where. Stomping them in the house, but mainly outside.

That big burly one by the front door, we ended up having a chat. It was pretty much one sided. But it was a “you don’t move and I won’t kill you.” It lasted about three weeks. It moved and I sprayed it with bug spray.

I had arachnophobia before I moved to Washington. I couldn’t even look at a spider before the fear enveloped me. I’d like to say Spider Season got rid of that arachnophobia. Like I mentioned above after 2 weeks of being enveloped by fear I had to make a decision. So I stopped screaming and started stomping. I still freak out a little bit when I see a spider but it wasn’t as bad as it once was.

Fall is this wonderful period. Due to the no AC in Washington seriously WTF I welcome Fall with open arms.

If you notice I left out Winter. I don’t count the one day there was a sprinkle of snow on the car as Winter. Winter is what happens up in Mount Baker, all that snow. Leavenworth has a wonderful winter. It takes a bit of a drive from where we are to find winter. But where we live doesn’t have winter.

We knew this moving here. We were actually told if it snowed everything would basically shut down. I even went and bought a new coat. I have one of those vest jackets now. It just doesn’t get cold enough for the winter jacket I had. It’s hard to say that I get hot in December but I sure due and that vest jacket helps out.

We are getting ready to PCS to a new area. And with that will come new seasons. I am sad that we will be leaving behind Washington but looking forward to our new adventure.

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