Falling Down

I crumbled after I was sexual assaulted.

I felt as though I was broken in pieces. That I fell and just shattered.

But what I did I soon learn?
I didn’t have to be the only one picking up the pieces.

I fell down, but people reached their hands to pull me back up.

When I was first healing from the trauma of the attack my husband was around to stand behind me. Since I wasn’t stable walking and could fall he was there to catch me.

One day I was so scared and my husband had to work. A friend whom was off came over with his gun and sat on my couch and said he’d protect me…

That is what I needed. I needed to feel safe.

I needed the comfort of friends. Not to understand what I’ve been there. But as I was sobbing from flashbacks I needed to hear them taking my mind off of things. Trying to pull me out.

You see I fell… and I didn’t want to get back up. I want to sit there and pause for a moment. But my husband said no. My friends said no. And they pulled me back up.

I was told I was strong. I needed so much to hear that. Not to just “hurry up and get better” but also “you’re so strong, you can do this.” Because in the darkness I forgot I was strong.

When you fall down you’re not alone. You can ask for help. Don’t be alone. Get help.

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