Does this have Bluetooth?

Okay recently I got a new car. A 1986 VW Cabriolet convertible. My swoon dream car.

The original radio was in it and didn’t work. So off to Best Buy I go to get a radio.

I’m not sure about you but any time I go to Best Buy I can never find anyone to help me. So I went to the front desk and asked for help.

Someone came. But guess what. They asked someone else if they needed help… So I went back to the front desk and said how upset I was.

Finally someone comes. I say “I want a radio with Bluetooth so I can do handfree calling”.

A radio was pointed to me. And so I ask… “does it come with a mic”.

Now this is very important for handfree calling. Yes? Can we agree on it.

The employee takes the radio and walks away. He comes back in a few. Says the radio has a mic. So I purchase said radio and go home.

I open it and pull out the instructions. I notice there isn’t a mic. So I read the instructions. Then good old Google tells me that the radio doesn’t have Bluetooth.

Wait! I asked for a radio with Bluetooth and a mic for handsfree calling.

I go back to Best Buy and I want to return it. I paid cash. I get a hard time about the return. Now this is maybe and hour after I purchased. Because he said my car had to have Bluetooth to work, or buy a mic separate.  I just look at the guy and said “I paid cash give me cash”.

Finally go to look at the radios. I don’t ask for help this time. It didn’t do me a lot of good the first time…

I find a radio with Bluetooth. I open the box, look a mic…
I fiddle with the radio. Meh.

So I go find another one that says Bluetooth. I look in that box. Look a mic again, idk Best Buy I might be onto something…

I fiddle with this radio and meh not bad. So I go to purchase it.

“Hey do you price match?”

Because at this point I’m irritated and I found out Amazon had this radio cheaper.

“We can’t price match that,” says the cashier.

“Look lady I’m fine with buying it at Amazon. I have prime and the shipping is free. And this is my second time here cause the first time I was sold a radio and was told it had features it didn’t have.”

A manager finally makes their way over and I get it for the Amazon price. When I really should have just bought it from Amazon because they have better customer service than Best Buy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that no one works at Best Buy unless there is a counter. No one walks around to check on the customer. And apparently doesn’t know what they are talking about because I got fed lies.

I don’t go to Best Buy often because no one truly works there. Hard to find people to ask questions.

But I shop often on Amazon.

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