Sad to be a Hoosier

I was born in Indiana.
I was born a Hoosier.

But today I am sad to say I am from Indiana.

Today I said I didn’t want to ever move back to Indiana if Governor Pence approved SB 101.

It is called the discrimination law. It gives business owners the right to discriminate due to their religious beliefs.

It is mainly targeted towards the LGBT community.

But I can actually be discriminated against.
No I am not gay but I am a supporter of the LGBT community.
But I’m also half Asian and I’m a Jew.

I could walk into a business in Indiana and be refused service if this bill gets approved.

Why would I want to live in a state that allows discrimination. I thought we’ve come so far.

Today I told my husband that I won’t be moving back to Indiana ever if this bills is approved by Governor Pence, who happily supports this bill.

Don’t get me wrong I’m for religious freedom. But I’m also against discrimination.

Please Governor Pence don’t allow discrimination into Indiana.

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