My Workout Routine

This is my daily workout routine. I’ve combined three workout routines from Blogilates and made a daily workout routine for myself.

  • 15 leg swings (each leg)
  • 15 side lunges (each side)
  • 15 side leg lefts (each leg)
  • 15 inner thigh pulses (each leg)
  • 15 squats
  • 15 pointed butt lifts (each leg)
  • 15 fire hydrants (each leg)
  • 15 heel kicks (each leg)
  • 15 bridges
  • 15 double leg lifts
  • 15 ankle reaches
  • 15 criss-cross
  • 15 reverse crunches
  • 15 roll-ups

This is the workout routine I do in the comforts of my own home. I also take the dogs for long walks. But I don’t count that towards my workout routine.

I’ve noticed improvements since doing this every day. What do you do for your workout routine?

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