A Cough Doesn’t Mean You’re Sick

Yesterday I was coughing really hard. People would back away.

Hey I don’t blame you. You don’t want to get sick. Neither do I.

But hey I’m not sick. I have allergies.

When I went to visit my sister I was exposed to pollen. And my sinuses weren’t happy.

Sinus pressure, sinus headache, runny nose, ear pressure, and a cough. The cough is due to nasal drainage irritating my throat.

I’m not coughing because I’m sick. I’m coughing because I have allergies.

Just because someone coughs doesn’t mean they are sick. In fact someone yesterday when I started coughing backed away. And I said sorry allergies.

I went to the doctor and got put on more allergy medicines. On top of the allergy medicines I’m already on. And the doctor said no more going to the East Coast lol.

I’m feeling better today. I still have a small cough. My nose is still runny. But I sound better.

And hey at least I’m not sick.

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