Dealing with PTSD can be hard. It is easy to slip into depression.

I used to watch the Today Show a lot and knew of Jenna Wolfe’s exercising. But since moving to Washington I have stopped watching the Today Show. Sorry! With the time difference I find I miss a lot, DVRing it I ended up not watching it. So I just stopped because it wasn’t the same as when I was on the East Coast.

I follow along with the Today Show though. In which I saw Jenna Wolfe exercising at 9 months pregnant and jumping around like it was nothing. And I just thought. If she can do that at 9 months pregnant, really what is my excuse?

I’ve let myself gain some weight. It’s only been 5 pounds but sometimes those 5 pounds can feel like 50.
I have some key areas I want to target. I found this:

30-day-ab-challenge-2Thank you Blogilates for your workout plans. I decided to do the 30 day Flat Abs Challenge.

Now I told my husband I was going to start exercising. He said he wanted to join in with me. I left out this challenge part, well because I’m not sure if he’ll do it. Yeah we will go to the gym together. But honestly I’m not about to do the roll-ups with him because IT WAS HARD!! No joke. I’d rather do these alone and not feel embarrassed.

I started Day 1 today.

Besides the roll-ups the next struggle was the water consumption.
I happen to be the type of person that when I hear water, see water… etc I have to PEE. I can actually get dehydrated quickly if I drink too much water. Because I’m not kidding when I say I have to GO. When I’m doing dishes after a certain period of time I have to run to the bathroom.

I’ve spoken to doctors about this and it’s actually pretty common.

I’ve learned to work around it. Instead of drinking water I’ll make diluted tea (with just a hint of tea, mainly water). So I taste something else than water. It helps and I don’t have to rush off just as quickly to the bathroom. (I do have kidney issues and I’ll discuss that later).

But with this challenge I wanted to give it my all. So instead of filling my Camelbak Eddy with diluted tea I went for water. And I’m giving this a go. Water be nice to me 😉

I’ll update you with my progress… and if I will ever get around to doing them in front of anyone lol.

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