Up to Date

“Are your vaccines up to date?”

That was question stumped me. It was a question that for me came out of left field. Because I haven’t been asked that question in some time.

My husband has soft orders for location X. Location X requires a screening. I went to said screening, which you have to love the military how they don’t tell you there are two parts until you are there. And I was asked if I was up to date on my shots.

Now I won’t disclose the location of soft orders. Because we don’t know if 100% if we are going there. But it is in the United States.

What vaccines are required in the United States?
Well… I needed to have the Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, and Tetanus-diptheria.

Now while there is a debate about vaccines and if they are safe for children. I won’t go there in this blog post. But my vaccine record resides with my childhood doctor, who no longer practices any longer. So I would of had to jump through hoops to get my vaccine record. Luckily there is a test to see if you have the immunity to certain things. It just so happens that Polio can’t be detected.

Now honestly I’ve probably had the Polio vaccine. I know I haven’t had Polio. I am thankful I haven’t had Polio. It is a truly terrible disease that can cause paralysis. But since I couldn’t prove that I’ve that the Polio vaccine… I had an update.

And I also had some blood drawn to see if I’m immune to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Now I’ve had my Tetanus-diptheria in 2012 or so, so I know I’m good there.

When I went to get blood drawn I was told that a lot of people have come in to see if they are immune to Measles. A Measles outbreak has occurred in our area, in many areas. Again this is why I don’t want to get into the whole should you vaccine your child debate. Now I am personally for vaccines. So if I need to get the shots I will.

What would you do though if asked if you were up to date on your shots? You’re well into adulthood and you haven’t thought about this in years. I mean your parents were the ones that started the vaccines or didn’t. But would you pause to think or be 100% positive with your answer?

Okay well I am done with part 1 of this screening. Part 2 is around the corner. To good health!

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