Maybe a Tad too Much

I have a confession to make.
For the past week I’ve been overdosing.

Being in Washington state is awesome except for one thing…

There is a distinct lack of sun.

So we’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements.


The container on the left is my husband’s. And I bought the one on the right.

Now my husband started taking Vitamin D after being tested by the Navy. He was put on Vitamin D supplements.

I’ve take calcium supplements because I’m lactose intolerant. So after the summer I decided to start taking Vitamin D.

Now I found the 2000IU at Target. So I thought awesome I’ll just take 2 which would be 4000IU.

I’ve been taking 2 for a while… except for this week. You see this week I had a brain fart.

I thought the bottle said 1000IU so I started taking 4.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday, and then on Friday I look at the bottle after taking 4 pills and I realize my mistake.

My husband comes home and I tell him I’ve been overdosing on Vitamin D and explain and he laughs. Then says “well now I know why you’ve been so chipper this week”.

I’ve had 8000IU of Vitamin D for the past few days. Now for the record the recommended highest dosage of Vitamin D is 4000IU a day.

Because we live in Washington state with overcast I went with the highest recommended dosage. It’s helped. I’ve seen a difference.

Now laugh at my mistake. Brain fart FTW!

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