Back Issues

A few weeks ago I was walking the dog. He wrapped the leash around me and got excited (oh look friend!) And pulled me.

He went one way I went the other.

I had tingling and numbness in my legs. Waited a few days before going to the doctor.

My husky decided to pull my back out of alignment. But I found out something in the xray.

I have degenerative disc disease (DDD) in my lower back. Over 3 vertebra have mild DDD.

DDD sounds intimidating. But it isn’t really a disease. It’s a fancy way of saying you have arthritis in your back. That the spacing in between has thinned.

I went to physical therapy and have been working on my back. The numbness went away.

That was a relief. I no longer had to look down when I walked. I had a deadness feeling in my legs. Like they weren’t there.

The tingling went away in one leg but stayed in the other.

The muscles in my body are tightening and no one has figured out why. They have been doing this since I’ve been in my 20s. I’ve had to fix my knees due to this so my knee caps would be in the correct place.

They suspected how I hurt my shoulder was due to the muscles tightening. All I had done was reach behind me to adjust a pillow and I tore my labrum (I so need a cooler story 🤷‍♀️).

But I can finally walk without excruciating pain.

One day at a time.

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