First World Problems or No Patience

Gonna be honest. I forget to check my mailbox.

Sometimes I just plain forget. Sometimes it’s just due to my PTSD. And sometimes I’ve gone days in a row and no mail, so I let it pass.

I went to check our mail Saturday and it wouldn’t open. Tried for 15 minutes. Nada.

Sunday comes. Apartment people walk over to see what happened. Apartment person says they put a box that is too big in and it won’t open. I was told it happens a lot. That I can a) wait for post office delivery person to open it or b) maintenance will open it.

So now I’m one of those stalkers. Sitting by the window that faces the mailbox. Blinds are barely open. Just staring. Just waiting.

I know some where around 10am they come. So I wait.

Is not being able to get your mail because your box won’t open due to a package a first world problem OR just being impatient?

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