To Cellphone or Not to Cellphone

Are you using your cellphone too much while out in public?

I had to go to Ulta for something and BAM look there, a World Market next door.
So after my little trip into Ulta I went to World Market.

I was super excited. I hadn’t been inside a World Market in what seems like forever, over a year. I slowly walked around, looked at things, and grabbed a few things. Then I went back to the paper section again to decide on what to get over there.

I can hear someone talking. I zone it out. I mean it’s what I do when I’m out shopping. People talk to other people, people talk on their phones, people talk. I just go to my little happy shopping place and don’t pay attention. But then something catches my attention.

An elderly woman tells a younger woman that she’s rude to be on her cell phone and she should get off of it. The younger woman apologies, excuses herself, proceeds to get off the phone, and then apologizes again and says “I am sorry if I offended you”.

The elderly woman began to yell at the younger woman. About how she had no respect for those around her and she shouldn’t be on her cell phone. Basically began to rant and rave to this young woman that what our society has done with cellphones is so rude. She got mean and nasty.

It triggered me. I walked over there and said excuse me ma’am, talking to the elderly woman. I said look this woman apologized to you several times and apologized if she offended you. She got off the phone just for YOU you don’t need to stand there and berate her. She isn’t your daughter or family, walk away.

The elderly woman huffed and went to say something. I cut her off. I said I heard you from way over there (pointed to where I was) and I walked over here to defend this woman because you took it a step too far.

I went home and told my husband. My husband said I was very nice about it that he would have said more.

Fast forward to like a week or so later I am at Target. It was my goal to find a pair of capri pants. I stopped walking cause my cellphone went off, made sure I wasn’t in anyone’s way and pulled it out. Saw it was my husband texting me.

An older woman saw me as she almost ran into me. She apologized and said “oh you’re on your cellphone”. I apologized and said my husband just texted me asking me to do something and I am thinking of ignoring him. She laughed. She said husbands always want to be answered right away. We both laughed and walked away.

I found 2 pairs of capri jeans, and left Target happy. I finally did answer my husband in the car. Oh and I do use my cellphone in Target due to their Cartwheel app.

So here is my question

Is it okay to use your cellphone while out in public at a shopping place. Or is it rude?

I’ve read up on Social Etiquette about cell phones on several sites. What I’ve learned is about 92% of adults in the USA have cell phones. There are places that you shouldn’t use a cell phone, like during church services. But what I read was generally if you are out in public it’s okay. I couldn’t find anything about shopping. But I did find out that if you’re walking on a sidewalk talking on your cellphone it might be rude, might not a 50/50 thing.

So what are you opinions? I’ve happily talked to my sons before while shopping and nothing has happened.


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