Workout! Work it out!

I’ve been trying to lose some weight. Take some steps to get healthier.

I thought I’d share my workout routine for you all. But be advised this is just what I do and each person should decide their own workout routine. See what fits best for you.

Monday and Friday

I go to the gym and do these things:

30 lat 55lbs
30 row 55lbs (these 2 are a combo machine at the gym)30 ab 65lbs
30 back 85 lbs (these 2 are a combo machine at the gym)
30 leg extensions 65lbs
30 hamstring 55lbs (these 2 are a combo machine at the gym)
30 multi press combo 55lbs (I slightly recline myself)
30 inner/outer thigh combo machine 65lbs


I work out at home and do these things:

30 reverse crunch
30 double leg lifts
30 ankle reach30 criss-cross
30 roll ups
30 squats
30 pointed butt lifts
30 fire hydrants
30 heel kicks
30 bridges
30 leg swings
30 side lunges
30 side leg lifts
30 inner thigh pulses
30 push ups*

I don’t do normal push ups. I am trying to loosen up my calve muscles. So I lean against the dinning room table and push my legs back a bit. As I lower myself towards the table I feel the pull of the calves, then I raise myself back up. My physical therapist told me to do these to loosen up my calves.

If you have questions about the above they are things I’ve found off Bloglaites. I incorporated some of her workouts into my work out at home.

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