Treatment of Others

I’m going to label people numbers in this story and not use names.

I talked with Person #1 and was told they had to talk to Person #2. I waited and then was told by Person #1 that neither could do anything.

Person #3 wants to talk because “they want to help”. Nothing but hate spewed from them. I didn’t feel safe.

Person #4 comes along. I’m hesitant of Person #4. I remember how Persons 1-3 treated me and the situation.

I came off mean and full of hate to Person #4. Person #3 had hate towards me. Because Person #2 and #3 gave wrong information.

Once you clear the air it’s amazing what can be done.

I stopped treating Person #4 like the others. I admit it was wrong of me to do that. But after I explained to Person #4 they stopped treating me like that and admitted he was wrong.

It’s amazing how much clout that you carry over what someone says.

Now I’m not one to hate someone just cause my friends told me to. No, I figure it out on my own and make my own decision.

Just remember to treat those the way you want to be treated.

Don’t carry clout from someone else. Just be you.

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