Afraid to PEE

To be honest the only place I’m afraid to pee is at a rest stop. Particular ones that looks like Michael will be swiping my purse from under the stall to steal my car.

Okay maybe second place I’m afraid to pee was on the side of the road. Hey!! Yes I had to stop on a windy road along no where USA and rest stop was 100+ miles away and my mice brain size bladder wasn’t having that. So I stopped, waited for cars to pass, and had at it.

Oh wait that one time…. yup at  rest stop I didn’t see the rattle snakes sign. Heard them. Didn’t register. Went pee. Registered. Ran back to the car…

I’ve been to gay bars and peed. I’ve been to an LGBT bar and peed. I’ve been on a ship and peed guess what with a guy in the next stall. Did I worry? No, well okay on the ship cause standing water what about bacteria mom.

I’ve peed next to woman, next to men, next to girls, next to boys, next to M2F, next to F2M with no problems. Okay maybe my sons when they were little but who hasn’t had someone little kid try to escape from under the door. It’s hard to pee and try to stop the escape.

But I’m not afraid to pee next to anyone as long as there is a door. I mean in a public restroom who cares if either sex mixes. Just use the stal, close the door, and wash your hands.


The new law in North Carolina is making headlines for it’s new law about gender and bathroom. Maybe it’s the several sociology classes concentrating in sexual deviance that has me thinking the bathroom isn’t the place to be afraid.

Target has people banning itself due to it’s gender neutral bathroom. But hey what if I want to take my son it with me… well I can’t with North Carolinas new law. But I also have to say I don’t think anyone has been arrested yet for this bathroom law. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

There are other bigger concerns out there. Sexual assault is a large concern. But concentrating on what could happen versus what is happening. College sexual assault and military sexual assaults are a huge problem.

I’m a survivor not afraid to pee.

So let’s concentrate on the bigger issues and not the bladder issue.

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