Growing Up in a Small Town

I was born in Franklin, Indiana and grew up in Whiteland, Indiana. I looked up the Census data and the population of Whiteland in 1980s was 1,956.

Whiteland does not have a hospital and at the time I was born Johnson County Memorial Hospital was the closest which is located in Franklin, Indiana.

I grew up around corn, pigs, and cows. I was a member of the FFA and know my way around a barn and certain farm equipment. It was one of those towns that if you did something it wouldn’t be long for your parent to hear about it.

I graduated high school in 1997. I looked up the Census data and the population for Whiteland in the 1990s was 2,446.

The estimated population for Whiteland in 2014 is 4,303.

Now let’s look at Fallon, where I currently live.

In 1980 the population was 6,438
In 1990 the population was 7,536
The estimated population for 2014 is 8,349

My husband and I went to a thrift store when he commented that Fallon is bigger than the town he grew up with. And I have to agree Fallon is bigger than the town I grew up in. It’s why I looked up the Census data to see if my assumption was correct and it is.

Fallon has a few more things than the town I grew up in has. Of course Nevada is known for casinos and there are several in this town. There is a Super Walmart, Big 5, Big R (ranch store), and some other things.

I will admit that the population of Fallon is large due to a military presence. TOPGUN was relocated to Fallon. And we honestly wouldn’t be living here if it wasn’t due to the military.

I’ve always rolled my eyes when someone local would tell me that Fallon is a small rural farming community. No darling I grew up in a small rural farming community.

I have found several of the farmers here set in their ways and nonwelcoming. And it is hard to find a job here.

I am struggling finding a way to live here and of course in that struggle and my sociology background looking up the reasons why besides the obvious of Fallon being so isolated.

It’s a half hour to get to Fernley, an hour to get to Carson City or Sparks/Reno. And it’s about 110 miles to get to the next town east, which I haven’t tried to get there.

The City of Fallon is not welcoming to certain things. Just look at Walmart sitting out near the edge of town. My main question I want to know is if the military moved out of Fallon how would Fallon fair? This is a note to those local people who don’t treat new people well. If new people didn’t come how much would the economy in Fallon drop.

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