Living in Fallon

I have lived in Fallon since September and have come to hate it here.

When my husband was first given orders to Fallon I had misgivings. I knew I’d have to travel to Reno a lot for medical care.

When we first got here. We unpacked and my husband left for school. I was left to get to know Fallon by myself.

I’ve felt so isolated. It wasn’t just about living in small town, being in an isolated duty station. But the people who live in Fallon.


In Fallon 411 on Facebook someone posted a pit bull got onto her property and that she scared the dog off. That owners needed to take care of their animals. And said next time she’d shoot the dog.

I commented how my husky likes to escape. That is what huskies do. And that he’s friendly. He likes to visit the neighbors horses. And maybe that dog was being friendly and she didn’t realize it.


Wow a second person. There were more than that. Several people stated that they would shoot the dog. Any dog if they got on their property.

It’s actually legal here in Fallon that if a dog enters your property and scares your animals you can shoot them. Fallon is a rural farming community.

Sure people have the right to protect their livestock.

But I’ve also seen so many dogs getting loose here. I’ve seen posts of found dogs, missing dogs, and posts of I passed a dog that got ran over. I’ve seen people post they are looking for their dog.


Glenda Sorensen Dockery owns a lot of Fallon Facebook groups. She is the admin and runs them.

Now while I agree people need to be responsible for their pets. I don’t agree about just shooting to kill them. There are other ways. How about you build a fence so dogs and coyotes don’t get in. Coyotes are a problem here.


I messaged this woman and told her my husband and I just moved here. I was a military spouse. And that I had PTSD. That I didn’t appreciate the posting of killing dogs and she should remove it.


I blocked her from messaging me after a while. I can post our whole conversation. But her response to me blocking her…


Yes please tell everyone the type of person I am. I’m the type of person who cares if dogs are killed. I’m the type of person who cares if her dogs get killed.

I use Koda as an emotional support animal. I do not take him places with me. But he knows when a PTSD flare up is about to start and will lay on a leg, so I know to take medicine. I’ve had an episode where I fell and hurt myself, knocked myself unconscious. He broke out of his crate and began licking me. He laid with me until I woke up. I couldn’t get up on my own and he helped me sit up.


I haven’t registered him as a service dog. I haven’t registered him as an emotional support animal. I haven’t taken him to the courses to be qualified to be an emotional support animal. And we can’t afford a service dog. It’s why we got Koda as a puppy and taught him how to do things.


This woman decided to make fun of me and blast me. I can’t view what she said about me, again she runs so many groups.

I was on the fence about living here and now I know I can’t. I can’t live in a place this isolated and small. I can’t live with the way small towns work.

My husband and I have talked about geobatching, where basically he’d live here and I’d go some place where I felt more comfortable, some place safe. Also he hasn’t re-enlist yet, he could always get out.

Now I grew up in a small town. I grew up in the country where everyone knew everyone’s business. But some of the hatred I’ve seen come out of some of the people that live here I can’t blame small town living.

My husband is against me posting this but he understands why. I’ve spent all day crying and being overwhelmed. I’ve relied on what I call my “tic tacs” to calm down. The enjoyment of having PTSD.

I will be asking Fleet and Family for help and hope to hear some options. But living here in this isolated duty station had become too much for me to bear.

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