The Evil Stomach Flu


In our household we are experiencing the stomach flu. Okay maybe not Koda but he’s cuddling with us.

I awoke at 3 am with what I could only describe as dementors Harry Potter sucking out the contents of my stomach.

I was kind and didn’t wake my husband up until 5 am. And a few hours later he began experiment the joys of the stomach flu.

Let’s just say I’m glad we have two bathrooms. So there was no issues over fighting for the bathroom.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling to good. A cat was apparently around me. So I had puffy eyes. Yes allergies to cats suck.

I can’t take any allergy medicine because I go in to get allergy tested soon. I would love to swallow a hole box of Sudafed. Okay not really 1 would do lol.


I had a lovely friend join me in the bathroom as I reached the edge towards death.

Brutus who we also call Doby come on look at that face. He would lay his head in my lap. I felt a pic of that wasn’t necessary. So enjoy him smiling by my bed side.

It was truly nice having a furry support person as I was sick.


Currently my face looks like this. Tears streaming down. My body in so much pain. Wishing someone would deliver some Gatorade.

It is hard having us both sick. As I’ve already told my husband have fun with the life insurance policy it truly sucks having the stomach flu. He couldn’t enjoy my wicked humor and he told me to shut up it was with love.

We have declared our bed home base for the day.

Hate being sick.

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