I think I can, I know I can

I think I can.
I KNOW I can.

I love to paint. I can’t recall when I really took up painting but it was some time in college.
I became an oil person. I loved oil paint. I loved I could add texture to a painting. Loved the depth in oil. I didn’t like how messy painting in oil could be.

So I switched to acrylic. Depending on what I wanted to paint depended on which paint I used.

Recently I started into watercolors.
Painting helps me relax. I actually get into a painting zone. I will get paint all over me.

If I’m using oil based paints I use foil. I like mixing my oil paints in foil. Acrylic I use a paper plate if I can’t find my palette. I mix both oil and acrylic paints with a tooth pick.

No one ever taught me how to paint. Or how to sketch. Last art class I had was in high school.

I usually just sit down and paint what comes to mind. Like this watercolor.


I don’t even know if I’m done with it. So it’s waiting.

I wanted to improve on my sketching. I can sketch certain things. Just like I can paint certain things. I’m more talented at painting than drawing.


Cherry blossoms are my favorite. I used charcoal to sketch this out.


I was trying to draw my husband and myself. I have some areas to work on. I cannot do faces. So there begins the problem.

I needed an idea for my grandma-in-law’s holiday gift. Well her  cat likes to…


Made my husband a pre-Valentine gift.


She will be faceless. He likes it BTW.

My sisters wedding is coming up. What do I get her… I know. I saw this sister thing floating around Facebook. I’ll paint something like that.


Posted it on Instagram and the other sister wanted one.


Watercolors dry faster than oil. Hmm should I make me one to go along with theirs?

This is my hidden talent. What is yours?

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