Shades of Doubt

Fifty Shades of Grey is a book written by E. L. James. James has gone on to write two additional books Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed to make up the Fifty Shades trilogy. This trilogy falls into the category of erotic romance.

When it was decided that Fifty Shades of Grey would be turned into a movie I was excited. I wondered who would play Anastacia. My husband actually hoped a certain actress would but was let down when it wasn’t her. I was puzzled when the first Christian Grey dropped out but excited to see who replaced him. I wondered how the sex scenes would play out.

And I read about the controversy. That Fifty Shades of Grey condoned domestic violence.

I am against domestic violence. You see I’ve actually experienced domestic violence. I don’t want to go into the details.

But it puzzled me as to the pieces of the book they chose to prove the book condones domestic violence. But perhaps that is also because I have studied sociology and sexual deviance. I understand about BDSM, and the submissive and dominate relationship that Christian Grey is asking for.

I for one can tell you there are books out there that can be perceived as condoning domestic violence. For one read This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas. She actually has a trilogy based on This Man. Read The Life of Anna by Marissa Honeycutt, there are several parts to The Life of Anna (I’ve actually pre-ordered the next book).

I am also a writer. I have written several books and am in the process of publishing right now. As a writer I can say I have written from my heart. I have gotten a story in my head and it comes pouring out until the story unfolds to how I want it to unfold.

I would also like to add right now I have read the above books I’ve mentioned and loved reading them. I would also like to state not everything in the world is 100% happy. So why should a writer write about 100% happy things if those things don’t happen in the real world?

I for one am glad E. L. James wrote the Fifty Shades trilogy. I am glad Jodi Ellen Mapas and Marissa Honeycutt wrote their books. I am glad other writers that I have read have written their books. Not just because I love to read. But I’ve fallen into the world they have written about. I’ve let my imagination go and be absorbed into what they have written.

And my world isn’t 100% happy. Struggling with PTSD is hard. I don’t have combat PTSD, something I would like to add. PTSD is not always caused by combat. I have triggers, flashbacks, nightmares… I struggle. And sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that not everything is perfect.

I struggle with the term normal. Okay I’ve struggled with the term normal since my first sociology class. But I especially struggle with the term normal since my first PTSD symptoms started showing up. So when I find a book where everything isn’t 100% happy I am fine with that.

Now again I will say I am 100% against domestic violence. I have spoken up about domestic violence. I have helped people out of domestic violent relationships. I have supported people in domestic violent relationships. I won’t judge if you are in a violent relationship. I won’t judge if you are in a BDSM relationship. I won’t judge if you are LGBT. I won’t judge if you write a book that is controversial…

While you may have doubts about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie I will be going to see it. I am waiting a while after opening weekend so there are less crowds. I can’t wait and I am excited. Oh and one of my friends posted Fifty Shades of Bricks and Lego if you make that movie let me know!!! I will go and watch it, I’ll buy it too!! Hi my name is Elle and I am addicted to Legos.

You know… actually I think I am going to go buy the Fifty Shades of Grey book. My book is an electronic copy and I do not have a hard copy of the book. And I do have the hard copy of the other 2 books in the trilogy.

Hey if you are for Fifty Shades of Grey or against. It’s you’re own choice.

Just remember to read in between the lines…

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