I have been writing out a blog post about my husband getting out of the Navy and all of that issue. Trying to get it right.

And then a new virus was born.

We had ran out of toilet paper (TP) about the time the US started freaking out about TP. Two of us independent of each other bought TP. We laughed when we came home and found out. But we have enough

When did the potato famine start? Seriously this hoarding thing is out of control.

A country that doesn’t produce TP found out that they wouldn’t get a shipment of TP for a while. So the only TP was the TP on store shelves. Video was released and partly due to misinformation and FOMO people are buying up TP

All that TP you are hoarding. You can’t return. So I hope you’re happy now.

I went to the store and bought enough food for 2 weeks. I had to visit 2 stores. But my plan was to self quarantine. If people just stay at home. Only leave to walk their dogs and come back in. You don’t expose anyone and no one exposes you. If everyone does this for 2.5 weeks. The virus will be gone. If EVERYONE in the US stays at home and stops being stupid it will go away.

Yeah I said stupid. Stop running around. Life isn’t normal. If some people get it they will die. It confuses me people are willing to play this game of Risk. It isn’t just you’re health. You’re a carrier for a week before you have symptoms.

If it was worse than COVID-19 would you then do what was advised? Come on people.

Some of us have a low immune system and don’t need to be exposed to this.

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